Grant Making

Our foundation does not consider unsolicited grant proposals. We seek non-profit organizations whose ideas and goals align with the foundation’s priorities and have demonstrated effective performance. Periodically, One8 may invite small grant proposals for an endeavor.

Go Deep

Underlying all our work is a rigorous due diligence process. Our engagement with a potential grantee is predicated on a deep and clear understanding of the organization’s goals, leadership potential, theory of change, program and outcomes.


Strengthen Organizations

The agents of change are the nonprofits we support – not One8 itself. As a result, we identify organizations with missions, strategies, and capacities that are well matched to our goals and then provide operating support.


Strategic Levers

We focus our grantmaking on four strategic levers:

  • Pilot a diverse set of exemplars that demonstrate what is possible.
  • Scale impactful programs with proven results.
  • Develop the capacity of grantee leaders with potential to dramatically drive impact.
  • Support and share research that enables insight, evaluation and continuous improvement.


Quality Strategy and Planful Implementation

Funding requires organizations with solid strategic plans and detailed annual implementation plans.



We only provide grants to 501(c)(3) organizations.
Our grants to universities and government agencies have a maximum overhead of 2.5%.